Form a unique relationship between Companies and Hackers

Created by Sprout, “” is the first bug bounty program platform in Japan that forms a unique relationship between companies and hackers around the world. Companies can receive assistance from “friendly-hackers” to find vulnerabilities in their web services and applications, and receive reports on those vulnerabilities under the conditions defined by your company.

Security experts and bug hunters can participate in our programs by sign up. We offer competitive bounty rewards that pay varying amounts of money depending on the type of vulnerability reported. Check our programs for more details.

With Programs, companies can quickly improve ithe security of their products and services, as well as receive information about vulnerabilities discoverd by friendly hackers. will manages all payments to the hackers for you. Use our Bug Bounty Program as one of your security measures to protect your company from the “malicious cyber attacks”. (Companies can sign up for here).

What is a bug bounty program?

A bug bounty program is an initiative that rewards hackers with monetary payment for finding and reporting a system vulnerability* in a company’s web services or applications. Each company determines the amount of bounty payment in advance based on the vulnerability level, and only pays for valid reports, making it a highly cost-effective way to improve security.

*A vulnerability is a potential security flaw in a computer or software caused by program flaws or design flaws.


As a specialist in cyber security, Sprout takes pride in the quality management and strong security we provide for information and data entrusted to us. Information on vulnerabilities will only be reported to the client company and Sprout’s management team, and no information will be disclosed to any third party.