Japan's first Bug Bounty Platform “BugBounty.jp”

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October 5, 2021 Full triage service renewal.

Quickly identify the vulnerabilities
on your program by having reliable
and talented white hackers on your side.
It will contribute to improve your service value.


Companies adopting this program

Clients from various industries are participating in this program.


What is BugBounty?

It is a system to ask hackers all over the world to investigate if the company's Web services or applications have security flaws (vulnerabilities), and pay rewards to them depending on the importance of the identified bugs.



BugBounty is a service which can be utilized on a wide range of services.

Many hackers with various skill sets have already registered on BugBounty.jp.

Examples of genres that we can deal with

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About the service

In BugBounty.jp, we provide various solutions adopted to the natures of each programs.

  • Services for Companies

    On your exclusive admission screen, you can start the BugBounty program, get the reports, and have communication with the hackers etc. We also provide support programs related to the operation.

  • Services for Security Experts

    On each hacker's own dashboard, you can manage the reporting items and have communication with each company.


Japan's first
Bug Bounty Platform “BugBounty.jp”
“Before suffering from malicious cyber attacks!!”